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Website Review – Shopping.yahoo.com

In the review series, today, I’ll work on Yahoo‘s shopping.yahoo.com. Shopping on Yahoo is a smaller functionality.  Yahoo, a San Jose based company has business in many fields. Comparing Yahoo’s total workforce, Continue reading


Website Review – Shopping.com

In the review series, today, I am going to work on Shopping.com. Shopping.com has a rich front end. The website’s search functionality is strong.  On the company background, the Shopping.com was acquired by eBay Continue reading

Website Review – Shopzilla.com

As part of the review series, today I am going to review Shopzilla.com.  It has a simple user interface with a powerful price comparison engine.  They have categorized products in 9 categories, and have listed popular searches on the front page. It was founded in 1996.  This LA based company has various Continue reading

Website Review – StreetPrices.com

Today, I am going to review a nicely designed price comparison engine called Street Prices.  Their website is http://www.streetprices.com. It is a nice price comparison bot specializing in electronic items. A bot is an automatic computer programs that extracts information from the internet.  Besides electronics, they cover other areas as well. I like the website’s simple design.  They list major categories Continue reading

What Online Shopping Tools Can Do For You?

In my last post, I discussed how a salesman sells you an item. After shopping, you may think that you have made a choice of your own free will, but the fact is, the choices given to you were already profiled. So you end up making a choice from given options.

On internet it’s kind of hard for sellers to understand who is buying. For better or worse Continue reading

Marketing » Pricing » Pricing Discrimination » Discount » Selling

In this blog post, I will use the term “discrimination” in context of economics. This is not being used in the common street way of using the word “discrimination”. Be aware of that when you read this post.

I was scheduled to talk about using technology for your advantage, or what shopping tools can do for you, but it looks like that we need to discuss pricing in detail to understand the entire game better. So I want to continue discussing price discrimination and discounts.

Today, I went to the Olympic Club in San Francisco. I heard it is a good fitness center, and I was interested in a new membership. They told me their members list includes Michael Jackson and Madonna. Continue reading

Third Degree Price Discrimination

In my last post, I talked about Products, attributes, and attribute preferences.  Today, I will talk about third degree price discrimination.  I have already discussed price discrimination in the past.

Price discrimination has been divided in three major categories. For now, I will focus on third degree discrimination.  Third degree price discrimination is a special Continue reading